Gavin Ashenden

_ozaanne at synod

At the General Synod of the Church of England two decision were taken which rip the Church from its moorings. They launch it secularised, into a therapy culture from which it has chosen to take its priorities, and from which is craves affirmation.

In and of itself, neither the motion rebuking and forbidding so called ‘conversion therapy’ nor the one looking to provide new liturgies for the transgendered, are theologically nuclear in their wording. The problem lies in their priorities and their trajectory

The synod could not be bothered to define what it thought ‘conversion therapy’ might be. Perhaps it was simply ignorant that many Christians would see the confessional as the place where for them, conversion therapy took place, – or perhaps in its rush to suck up secular approbation, it did not care.

A few people tried to read from the Scriptures to remind Synod that their very…

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