Christianity as the urban religion

I'm currently reading David Frye's good book entitled "Walls: A History of Civilisation in Blood and Brick" and he uses the construction of walls to demarcate between 'civilisation' on one side and the 'wilderness' on the other. This got me thinking about the disposition and historic residence of the Church along these lines. Walls create … Continue reading Christianity as the urban religion

Amusing myself to death

I've been struggling for some time in knowing where I fit in with Christianity. I know I am a Christian of some sort. It is God's truth, love, wisdom and beauty that keep me going, outside of it I am nothing. Despite this the conflict between my personal convictions and trying to work them out have been … Continue reading Amusing myself to death

Liberalism and schism in the Church of England

Not too long ago I had written out a post on liberalism, particularly in the Church of England. It was precipitated by a mixture of a piece in the Telegraph and some interactions my wife had with a liberal anglo-catholic friend. However after reading Anthony Smith's take on the Telegraph article I've found myself reforming my views on the … Continue reading Liberalism and schism in the Church of England