Confirmation: One Lord, One Faith… One Baptism?

In the early centuries of the church, there were several debates surrounding the baptism of heretics and its efficacy. A church council under Cyprian of Carthage on this topic stated in the 3rd century: Primus of Misgirpa said: I decide, that every man who comes to us from heresy must be baptized. For in vain … Continue reading Confirmation: One Lord, One Faith… One Baptism?

John Wycliffe on Confirmation

Alithia: Pray inform me in the next place about the third sacrament, which is generally named ConfirmationJohn Wcliffe. Trialogus. Book 4: Chapter 12. On Confirmation The Proto-Reformer John Wycliffe wrote about his beliefs in a number of different places but most comprehensive was in his work 'Trialogus'. In the 4th book he writes 30 chapters … Continue reading John Wycliffe on Confirmation