As a preface, I am no expert at writing and I ask for some grace if you find deficiency in it. In some capacity I would rather not write but at the same time feel convicted and challenged to not let me thoughts slip away and by making them public might make them more well rounded in their thinking than I otherwise might have done. I also sincerely hope that over time others might find my writings here useful. Yet in any event I can’t put these thoughts away so have decided to put them here, hopefully in a way that isn’t too pretentious.

My principal reason for writing is primarily trying to collate my thoughts on a number of subjects I’ve been thinking a lot about recently. Namely the Church, its history, its presence and form in the UK, the Gospel and this culture we find ourselves in.

Saint Gildas
Saint Gildas

The naming of this blog is after the work by St Gildas. It isn’t meant to be contentious but reflect the overwhelming conviction that something is wrong in Britain. Like Gildas I think it has both a secular and religious note to it. It is idolatry that is both inside you and me and external in the society at large. It touches on the fact that I am also British (English) and with an interest in the history of the Church in this land. I am a Protestant currently attending my local Anglican (CoE) parish church in Central London.

About myself I will say I am in my late 20’s earning my living as a User Experience Architect designing apps and other digital products products for various companies in the center of London, and it is the only thing I do professionally. In all other things I am an enthusiastic amateur eager to learn. I am a generalist, a layman and completely fine with that. That is the perspective I am writing from.

I won’t say much more about who I am right now as these thoughts are still formative and exploratory. I’m not sure where I will end up and would also wish to avoid any potential that this would be held against me by my employers should they see my name attached to a subject. A subject that in my experience seems out of favour with the broader public currently and a potential cause for bias against me. I’ve struggled to find people willing to talk about the things I will write about and have no idea whether this will be read or not so it seems to be prudent, at least for now to retain some privacy.

I feel like I need to do something with my thoughts and that by doing this I might be lead to align my lifestyle with this thinking. Some posts may be longer than others, and some quite short, I hope they’re useful to someone out there.


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